everymonday art                                          

Dark Bird Palace

on fancy

Canyon Road



Better than 7-11

im 24-7

just dont park ur SUV in front

of my pop stand




Elephants inside with

the bearded Lady

and a midget or two




Buddha had a rough ride

to the Dark Bird Palace

he expected a shrine with

no passion

no attachement and no


looking towards nirvana

unfortunely his karma

lead him to





Gawd knows

where im going with this

on Canyon Road

home of manicured


highly curated

landscape paintings for 25K

dont forget to pick up

one of my honor system paintings


60 bucks





Inside the Dark Birds

are soaring the

desert angels are flying

and the tricksters are

grinning from

ear to ear



Dont be afraid kiddos

its just art






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