American Buffalo





foto by Kat Livengood


art is scarce in the world

like an American Buffalo

its been huntd close to extinction

and folks now think

a fatty hormone injectd

corporate protectd cowburger

taste bettr than an all natural

sweet tasting low fat

real deal

buffalo steak





Photograph from the mid-1870s of a pile of American Buffalo skulls waiting to be ground for fertilizer.


(draw your own conclusions about white men and buffalos)


killing the buffalo

was part of the genocide

perpertrated on the native americans






foto by Kat Livengood


in the early 1850s

as many as 30-40 million

buffalo ranged over the great plains

but by the early 20th century

there were only a dozen or so left






theres certainly alot of irony

in the fact that

white folks and manifest destiny

wiped out almost 100 percent of the buffalo

and about 90 percent

of the native american population

and then put their images

on both sides

of an american nickel




the Last Buffalo

large oily canvas


dickson street fayetteville arkansas


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