joan was burned like a cheap steak....

wha did paris hilton say yesserday?



if you want some of my art cards

just ask me on the email

and i will mail you some

for free eee eee




front an backs

summer 2009 art cardddsssss


winter 2009




fall 2008




the devil the fool and the princess

the summer 20008 postcard....



fisher king for the winter 2007-8




fall 2007

boy and his dog




summer 2007

smooth sailing





send me fotos of you with the cards

and we will sea just

how far the

wind has blown

the seeds

in to the world at large....


from kaliforn ya




looks priddy dont it?




Deeonysus, Athens Greece



a taxi in las vegas....(the king aint left the bilding yet)



from India...(lol...crzy cards)



anne...portland oregon




lisa ... brooklyn, michigan




thanx maggie from ny



Francesca holds the fisher king at Glastonbury in England.... is also believed to be the place known in Authurian lore as the Isle of Avalon. According to the legend, Arthur, after being mortally wounded by Mordred, was taken by a sacred boat to Avalon. And it is in Avalon that Arthur awaits the day when Britain requires his services as the "once and future king".



deeeeeeeeeep spaaaaace.......................





























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