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Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules.

The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice.”

Tom Watson



gawd i love it

out here in the desert

but then the bastards

were rite on our trail as we left atlanta

no way around it

i could feelem closing in on us

and i wasnt breathing so good

as i lookd over my shouldr

chasn the sun and headn west









so we hauled tale

as fast as we could

across the deep south

and finally felt the earth tip

just west of amarillo

and from there

it was just a matter of time

before we were headed back out

into the desert with all the other wild things

that love

this solitary clean place



muddy roads

all fotos by the incomparable Kat Livengood


cuz you see

theres no sense

going into

what ive done

or what weve done


everyones done something

but what im saying

is that im not gonna hang around

to be held accountable for what ive done

cuz im not gona let the bastards get me down

im chasing passion with a good woman

and im not going back



the dark bird

foto by Kat Livengood



the dark birds know this

the dark dawgs know this

and for sure

the wild horses know it

cuz everytime i see them

thay are running like the wind

just about to disappear

over the horizon




dark dawgs



death is so obvious

to these animals

it would never occur to them

not to be who thay are

thay simply cant waste a minute

pretending to be something else

cuz if thay did

thay would be dead




foto by Kat Livengood



nature is beautiful

nature is truth

and nature will kill you

if your not careful

which is why its worth

getting close to


how else could you know

if your really alive?




foto by Kat Livengood


chasing passion

is what the three grey men


thay would prefer to fill you with



and far off heaven

and then put a rope around your neck

so that when you get too far outta site

thay can yank you back







but i say

get on a red horse and ride

ride fast and far

straight at the most passionate place in your heart

the three grey men would say

this is too much

selfish and indulgent

prolly even sinfull

(thats the fun part)

but the truth is

our world is so outta whack rite now

that if u gotta break the rules

to live an authentic life

then get on that pony

and ride



foto by Kat Livengood







monument valley
















































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