Ten THings eye Promise knot to Do in 2015





1. now that im a bonified marryed man that will become civilizeyd i promise not to eat dropped food off the floor & eat it anymore so help me gawd

2. eye promise not to bark at people like a rabid dawg at the flea market when they ask me what it is that i do

3. i also promise not eat over the kitchen sink anymore just because its the most bestest plate/dishwasher in the world

4. i promise not to talk about the porta potty messes at the flea to people i dont know

5. eye promise not to tell people im an anazazi indian

6. i promise to quit telln ms Anne Temkin at the MOMA MUSEUM OF THE FINE ARTS IN NEW YORK CITY that eye understand that me bean a flea market shaman in her fancy museum might upset the fengshay thang or dry up her corporate funding

7. i promise not to take other artist art at the flea market and hide it from them

8. eye promise to drive at least 55 mph from now on as Kat says i drive like an old lady in a 54 chevy (unless im driving myself to the flea and all bets are off)

9. i promise to stop telling people that im not Kelly Moore

10. and lastly this year i promise to continue doing things that most folks dont expect me to do and alot of folks think are completely utterly in appropriate to do



clik hear for my bestest newest paintings in december












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