a dark bird cant go too far

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here are

a few paintings from this month of

July 2020

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Blue Northern Wolf

26 x 38 oily on canvas framed



Which Wolf

will you FEED

during the Pandemic?

every day we make

a choice!




Angels and Animals

24 x 36 oily on stretched canvas



the fearful wolf?

who is

constantly thinking

of some abstract calamity that

hasnt happened yet and maybe

never will?




my wall at the New Dark Bird Palace


the Wolf

who looks at this moment

as an opportunity

to re invision their life?



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Wild Horse


the wolf who feeds off

the internet and the news

and forgets to


love or





Return of the Dark Birds


the wolf who

sees nature differently?

the wolf that

is transcendent

cosmically oriented

and appreciates the

rabbit in the





Being Bear


will you

feed the wolf who finds

strength and stability in

deeper truths?

life as an obstacle course or

a spiritual journey?




think of ART as a Reminder

of what you wish

to feed the wolf

or what direction you wish

the wolf to follow

or what you wish your

wolf to look like




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Volcano Land

about 38 x 62 oil on loose canvas


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a few animals from a drive in the west


Clay Allison New Mexico Outlaw




Riding the Storm Out





Big Sur


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Kansas & the Garden of Eden





stay away from the Road Less Traveled




Kelly Moore the originator of Multi-Crappia
















foto by Kat


weakly mystery clik



Big Horn Sheep







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Paper Art





Ghost Towns






heres a picture of me dropping a Dark Bird on Cadillac Ranch in Texas last month


Sand Wash Basin



the Return of the Tesuque Flea Market



BURROS Truth sayers of the Southwest!



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photos of Christmas Eve at Dark Bird Studio






the Grand Canyon




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come sea me at the flea

or drop by the alley and sea

kat fend off my paintings while

she whispers to




thank you


getting off the main road (thats a DARK BIRD folks)

and looking at art by a guy

who paints at a

flea market




Dennis Hopper


Desert Treasure


The Mountain


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cosmic Geronimo

























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Elk fotos by Kat




















































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