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Absurdity is my Friend


"An attractive book which is an impressive documentation of Moores work"

Raw Vision Magazine Spring 2012

(the worlds leading magazine on contemporary folk art, outsider art & art brut)


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192 pages featuring

over 80 paintings & 61 writes by Kelly Moore

and almost 40 photos by Kat Livengood






8 1/2 by 11 inches softcover


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this book is the product of over three years of

blood sweat and fears





we couldnt put all the art in the book but maybe you have a painting thats published







"His colourful paintings are composed of a whole variety of strange figures and beasts often in a carnival

procession across the surface or set within a distant landscape."

Raw Vision Spring 2012




top notch color and paper






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aint he cute?


back cover of "Absurdity is my Friend"







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