Return of the Flea Market Spring 2015

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Springtime at the Flea Market

foto by Klaus Priebe


every year

we begin the season

with high hope

big optimism

thats laced with a crzy zany reality

that comes with working

at an outdoor

flea market 10 months a year





Old Pawn Turquoise

foto by Klaus Priebe



if you would like this painting for free clik rite hear


Since the recession started

having high hopes

was mostly just a way to keep us going

telling ourselves stories for the last 7 years

that things were going to get better

it was all going to be alllll right

and the checks in the






Boots New & Used

foto by Klaus Priebe



BUt this year

maybe possibly its gonna different

the two flea markets in Santa fe have consolidated

to our old historic market in Tesuque

and gas prices are



visit paradise where we play iwth dino saurs




The Dark Bird Palace

foto by Klaus Priebe


so who knows?

maybe end times

arent here yet?




the Lavendar Man

foto by Klaus Priebe


and all those empty spaces you see

in that picture above will be full



Pancho the Flea Market Dawg

foto by Klaus Priebe


and with our new pet policy

allowing pets in the market

you can never say its a bad day to

go to the flea market















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