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(some of the best)

of 2013


Monsoon Dream

40 x 61 loose canvas


Life Insurance 1/2 off

oily multicrappia 24 x 31



Fighting the Devil

16 z 20 oily multicrappia




Dark Bird



Indian Trader



Dont Look Back




The Present



Beware of Dawg



Dawg UFO




aint gonna git me



the Protection Painting


Vikings in the Desert

Old Souls Market

62 x 45 oily



Real Indians and Dead Cowboys

Trickster Sculpt

about 36 inches high


Dog Boat

24 x 31 multicrappia on bord


Dead Mans Curve

39 x 63 oily canvas


(this is just a start....i have many more to add but time and space

caught up with me tonite)





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some of the bestest of 2012

bestest 2011 art


DEER dear DEER dear DEER






Dark Birds




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