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2008 art
folk art
mystery click


Booze, Bets & Dogs


I use alot of material

that i find at the flea market

and keep a big wood pile

for something i can always paint on



Dark Birds


Im from

the Arkansas Ozarks

but was chased out

by Jesus with a pitchfork



the high road to taos


thay may be right but

mostly i just paint whats on my mind

while im at the flea market


careful you dont throw out the best part of you



sometimes thats prettyer than others


dark heart


i think dolls

is pretty contemporary if u ask me

but no one else seems to

agree with me



sheriff fleas the grey men


if there is still such a thing as an

outsider artist

(and i doubt it)

i might qualify but i would seriously

rather be on the inside where thay

keep all the money


Dead Cowboys


in the mean time

(im bound to be discoverd any moment now)

you can find me

on the tesuque indian reservation just north of santa fe

at the flea market

friday thru sunday

where i hang out with the dark birds




fishing...a painting i did in 2006 about fishing in arkansas

during my trips to my grandparents house in the summers









clik hear for more free painting right here



just when i thought

i was gonna be picasso or jackson pollack

suddenly i realized i had been thrown in a pile of

folk artist by the yahoos at yahoo

which list the most searchd out folk artist in the world

that paint anything from barnes to chickens

(yea, im so scrwd)


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