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Flea Market Artist



i paint at the flea market

on the tesuque reservation in new mexico.

and i am a completely self taught full time artist.

folks have described my work

as art brut, folk and even outsider art


i think i am my own

genre of art

i am a flea market artist


(this lil birdie does most of my paintings for me)

Upcoming exhibitions important announcements

& opportunities to view my work in important art gallerys, museums and art centers!!!


(oops...dont got any!)

((never had and prolly never will))


ALchemy Birds 2013

painting by me


these are my words
eye was born a dark bird
on the 13th day
of a scorpio moon
in the ozark mountains
much to my parents dismay...
they took me in nonetheless,
fed me, clothed me, sent me to schools
and tried to domesticate me...
eye attempted to live a normal life
finding employment, trying to marry & even voting regularly
but failed mostly….
when eye reached full dark bird adulthood
eye realized eye could no longer
deny my trickster nature
and immediately began turning over tables
and rattling the cages
folks sayd eye was crazy & lots complained
eye should stop
what eye was doin
(those is the folks that let you know
you is doing something rite)
eye knew this was an important breakthrough
and immediately started looking
for matches & kerosine
have been settin fires ever since
thank you for reading my words

a flea market under the Volcano

painting by Kelly Moore

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