castles and hsit

Art Miami







dead cowboy in miami


i started the year

traveling in india

and finished the year in miami

strange to say

i learned the same lesson

in both places



selling art on the street in front of art miami



and that is

poverty is everywhere

india was poor externally

but has a rich vibrant myth

and a kind heartedness

and compassion that jars your sense

of priveledge, entitlement and circumstance



selling outside art miami


in miami

i saw some nice art

but ran into

the other face of poverty

an internal poverty

that disguises itself in the external world

with expensive cars, blackberrys, condos

and a snobby entitlement that

was as nasty

as the sweaty humidity of florida




my hippie painting from miami


it took awhile

for me to realize what i experienced

but eventually i realized

poverty has two faces

one is ignorance and the other is hatred

i saw ignorance in india

and hatred in miami

and thay are the same thing....

both experiences reflect a poverty

one inner and the other outer




delhi 2008



its a strange feeling to realize

you are

intolerant about tolerance






delhi 2008



i missed the mountains of new mexico

while gone

and strangely enough

found myself wanting to go back to india

as i learned something there

that was horribly beautiful

that i could never learn

in the US














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