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of course

a crow followd me all the way

to scotland

had a devil of a time

getting him

in my suitcase going home




Glencoe in the highlands


scotland felt very close to my heart

much like new mexico

they are two sides

of the same coin to me

one is high and dry

on is low and wet





the road


the roads on the isle of skye

bewitched me

thay all seemd to lead

somewhere i was supposed to remember

but couldnt






the Mcleods or Macleods

(son of Leod)

have an ancient and dominant story

on the Isle of Skye







the black houses

reminded me of the homes you see

in pueblos in new mexico






standing at the church and cemetary

at Trumpan

where the Macdonalds massacred the Macleods

while at church

only a small girl escaped thru a burning window

returning with the Fairy Flag

as the Macleods returned and routed the Macdonalds

at the Battle of the Spoiled Dyke





that shadowy figure

is standing at Dunvegan Castle

the longest continually occupied

clan castle in scotland




one night

we stayed in Portree

and i swear

i saw a ghost in the street

or maybe it was the whisky



foto by ladybug


but i was determined

to chase it

as i saw it float up over the wall

my companion ladybug

calld me back

she sayd i lookd like a fool

that i was

chasing my tale

of course

i coldnt disagree with that







returnd to Edinburgh

we continued looking for ghosts

as thay are plenty of em there

the Castle sits right above

the graveyard

the dungeons

and the public hanging place







and folks

were buried by the thousands during the Plague

right there in town






riding thru edinburgh late at night

in a taxi

i wondered how much it would cost if i askd him

not to stop


rosslyn chapel






monument valley






















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