mystery clik

Monument Valley


fotos by dreamr


ya im still lost

by the time

we arrived at monument valley

we were sure

it had already been a long strange trip

but really

it was just beginning




dark bird at monument valley

foto by dreamr


strong images

powerfull smells

quiet sounds

were beginning to burn

into my memory

some i was aware of

others i wasnt





monument valley

foto by dreamr



monument valley

is different than anyplace

ive seen in the four corners area

it feels empty yet so full of something

some mite call it ghosts

some mite call it memory

some mite call it weather

its prolly a bit of all

those things






the rain came

hard and fast

like it does often

in the southwest

which made the experience





crow painting done upon my return from monument valley


my new dark bird paintings

when i returned

seemd to have become

more like foggy memorys

of the birds i had seen

watching us

flying over us








when i look at this foto

the red dirt reminds me of mars

the rainbow of a childrens tale

and the rocks of a

john ford movie

but its real

and im going back






navajos at canyon de chelly


















































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