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Dark Bird Palace

New Art Book---Strange Beauty of a Dark Vision




Ten Paintings updated every weak!!




about 33 x 25 oily on simply framed board



Red Dead Cowboy

approx 33 x 33 inches oily on loose canvas



Desert Wolf

about 30 x 22 inches simply framed


email me at for a great price



Red Rock Country

24 x 48 oily on stretched canvas


Dark Bird Sculpture

multicrappia sculpture about 30 inches wide


these sculptures are very very very unique.....


Animals listening to Angels

24 x 48 oily on stretched canvas


they tell the animals things

since we rarely listen

and then the animals

try to tell us

what the angels say



approx 38 x 31 oily on loose canvas


ancient mythic symbol



the Patient Angel

about 6 foot by 7 foot oily on loose canvas


i love this painting



Febuary Dark Bird

oily on loose canvas

about 30 x 30


working on this Dark Bird Painting at Monument Valley last week!




Volcano Land

about 40 x 60 inches loose canvas



Private views on a Private Page of More available art

available by request!

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