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Hawk Shaman

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Buffalo Kings!



Dark BIrd Palace



the Dark Bird Palace of the Weird West



December 2020





December 2020



Dark Bird 112--SOULD

30 x 40 oil on stretchchced canvas


Shaman Dance---SOULD

oil on board



Trickster Fun--SOULD

24 x 30


Snake Mask---sould

24 x 30 oily on Stretched canvas


Northern Wolf--SOULD

24 x 36 oily on stretched canvas



Snake Charmer---SOULD

24 x 30 oily on stretched canvas




Heart of a Buffalo--SOULD


Snake Oil

about 30 x 30 oily on loose canvas



Desert Wolf---SOULD




oil on board





Dead Cowboy 2020 SOULD

27 x 33 oil painting with Antique Frame



Dead Indian---

28 x 24 oil painting with Antique Frame




Red Ouroboros---SOULD

16 x 20 oily on board with hanger on back


beautiful mythic image




The Cure---SOULD

24 x 48 inches oily on stretched canvas--




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24 x 24 mol




Corpse Dust----SOULD

24 x 30 oily on stretched canvas



Fishing on a Skateboard---sould

16 x 20 oily on board





about 25 x 25 inches mol loose canvas




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Caught the Devil...Now what?---SOULD

24 x 30 inches oily on stretched canvas



Shaman Mask

about 30 inches tall




Witch Doctor---SOULD

26 x 31 oily on board simply framed




dark bird sculpture approx 40 inches across





Shaman Love---SOULD

30 x 31 oily on loose canvas


Turtle Girl---SOULD

16 x 20 oily on stretched canvas



Tricksters in April





oily on board simply framed about 26 x 31




Clint Eastwood---SOULD

24 x 30 oily on stretched cavnvasvassasas



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Dead Cowboy and Jackalopes----SOULD

24 x 24 oily on board simply framed






Trickster Gawd--SOULD

about 24 x 50 inches loose canvas


Virus Demon--SOULD

10 x 10 inches oily on board




The Passenger

about 24 x 24 oil on board simply framed


F**kd up Shaman

16 x 20 oily on stretched canvas


Rescue Dawg



Christ Shaman--SOUlD

30 x 45 oily on loose canvas


email for prices,

offers (im making some people very happy during the Pandemic)

and silly questions....



Small Lie Big Lie and the Truth

oily on loose canvas

Tricksters Sculpture

contact for info







most art is discounted until the Virus recedes back into hell



Dead Cowboy 2020

about 4 feet tall (shrunk when died)




Animal Souls

30 x 47 inches oily on loose canvas

at some point the church decided animals dont have souls



Protection Painting

about 38 x 62 oily on loose canvas






you will find my art

in no small gallerys no large gallerys

no santa fe gallerys

no outsider art gallerys

and no exhibits in museums or art centers

only at a rickety old barn on Canyon Road

that i call

Dark Bird Palace



about 25 x 36 oil on loose canvas


smiles for miles


March Dark Bird---SOULD

oily on board about 26 x 26 simply framed


Dark BIrd Classic




about 16 x 20 oily on board

i am







Desert Wolf

about 30 x 22 inches simply framed


email me at for a great price


Red Rock Country---SOULD

24 x 48 stretched canvas






the Patient Angel---SOULD

about 6 foot by 7 foot oily on loose canvas


i love this painting


Western Dreams

24 x 48 oily on board


working on this Dark Bird Painting at Monument Valley last week!




Volcano Land

about 40 x 60 inches loose canvas




each about 72 inches tall

will have better pixshure latter



Face Time tours of Dark Bird Palace available as well as




email me at for a good price on any painting on this page










































































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