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Red Dawgs at the Tree of Life

24 x 30 multicrappia


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White Buffalo---SOULD

about 48 x 72 of bison power on a loose canvas


coyotes tried
to pull a goats skull
from my shed this weekend
its common knowledge
the dark bird palace
is a bone buffet

the first red finch
of the spring
returned to its
ancestral home land
this weekend
she was born
in the eye socket
of a cow skull in my shed
i often wonder if the bird
intuitively knows
how a cow

he said my art
was ready for
the next leap
to a better place
all day long i wondered
where is this place?
where is this place?

when i paint
at the shed
i hear voices
so i turn up the radio
hoping folks wont hear
how embarrassing
the voices

visions of no worth
insights that lead
no where
a guru of nothing
i am a tumbleweed sage
that rolled
across the desert
into a flea market
happy that the
wind stopped howling
in my ears

bone therapy
staring 7 hours a day
at a femur
or a skull
it burns away
the bullshit
although i do keep
one good can of BS around
else i wouldnt be
would i?




Return of the Children of the Moon ---SOULD

about 40 x 70 oily on a loose canvas


Ritual or Routine

we all have it

one of mine has been to post art

or a photo or maybe just write

on the front page of this website

for many years now

it seems to tether me to the world

& help give meaning to what i do

and in return some people come to my website weekly

to see what ive been up to over the last week

or inquire about a painting .....

its a beautiful dance we dance

when we find the music in our

daily ritual

as an artist

it can become something that people

can hum to

or perhaps with a better tune

some can people dance to

thats what i want to do

make people dance

with my paintings

or with my words

although i gotta confess

theres often alot of confused people

standing around the Dark Bird Palace at the Flea Market

so i may just be a Dark Bird who thinks

he can play the piano with

his beak




Return of the Tricksters---SOULD

24 x 48 oily on a good bord

signs and intuitions
hints of possibilities
disappear like a vague dream
by 8 am
on our cultures

log out
be here
opt out
go outside

art now a literal reminder
of a symbolic awakening
for the 21st century
that comes loaded with the
attention span of a rat
in a cheese factory

& fertility rates
leaving behind a trail
of likes and shares
on separate timelines

im right here
in front of you
you dont need to check
your facebook page
to see if im available
for chat

coffee shops are quiet
as a mouse with a mouse
no one talks
in the poets corner
all are logged on
checked out
brick and mortar
soon to be
out of order

driving with a sell fone
the new 21st century
dog and pony trick
can you take a foto
at 75 on the freeway
post it on instagram
share it on Facebook
and not T-Bone
on I-25?

if you read this far
you are in this day and age
attention surplus silly
and your facebook page likes
will be penalized for this
faster than a millennial can
pick up his ifone at a traffic light
to check his re tweets
on Twitter




Hella Totem---SOULD

about 20 x 60 oily hella mess on bord


next week the flea market opens

and i will be back in full swing

in my dark bird rhythmn

the weekly routine

the big grind

the never ending journey

into flea market history ;)

which is a big relief

as im pretty lost when im not

outside fighting the elements

or fending off wild animals at the Palace

not to mention the packs of

of big time art buyers who show up

at our little flea market 5 miles north of town...

come sea me this summer

dont forget

its the year of the

Dark Bird






from one Jackass to another


some folks talk

to a sage

maybe a shaman

or their local shrink

for the answers to

the universe

but me?

i drove to Arizona to meet with

the wisest of them all

Bucky the Burro

who told me

hay buddy

from one JackAss to another

all you have to do

is get up and

do it again





Febuary 16, 2015


im more pissed off this year

than usual

i have no idea why

i dont know where it comes from

and i dont really care

you see i fight demons

and if i cant find one

i make them up

and if i cant imagine someone

who doesnt think i can do it

i know im not

looking hard enough

because i know theyre out there

and im ready for them

any time they are


clik hear four moore art





Wild Horses---SOULD

approx 24 x 60 band of wild horses on a good bord



i love wild things

untamed animals

& those lovely people

that explore

the difference between

being crzy & wild

which can look

pretty messy & weird

but its a true path

that will always inspire

always be unique

and in a world where

alot of folks

look the same

talk the same

& even aspire

to be the same

that can feel pretty scary

but the further you go down the road

the more miles you put under your belt

the more your just gonna be

outta sight

and unable to see all those

nay sayers you left behind

on mile marker








Desert Magic---SOULD

63 by 40 oily on a loose canvas ez to ship


she thinks
im paranoid
i invest in gold
cache water
build grain stores
and keep my guns
locked and loaded
for the coming chaos

it doesnt matter to me
that she thinks im crazy
i will protect her from
the invasions from outer space
because i still secretly add
the best new ray guns from ebay
that money can buy


she says
i sound nuts
when i talk
about secret codes
in ancient texts
that theres no
mysterious meanings
in these old dusty books
so i nod my head
and she smiles
at my trivial pursuit
but at nite
i am very close to discovering
where they buried
the giant egg

in the morning
i take secret herbs
shamanic medicines
magic potions
and liquours for visions
she's says its all
i agree
nodding slowly
as i drop three
protection pills
into her

in the morning
i wave smoldering sage
around the room
clearing out evil
lingering bad memories
and exorcising demons
protecting her
from it all
she says its
just a myth
and i couldnt agree more
as i watch ghosts hover
just over her head

clik hear four my big winter sale



40 x 70 mol oily on a loose canvas


January 26 2015





Desert Wolf---SOULD

25 x 20 oily on a good bord framed simply


tight men
with fat wallets
crowbarred into
their jeans
holy cow if they only understood
what art means
to the one
they love

he wont let me
buy art
he doesnt like paintings
and he really
doesnt like you
no problem lady
me and you
we got a secret
its called a
Dark Bird

mad money mad money
how a dark bird loves
mad money
its all green
something the husband
has never seen
mad money mad money
how a dark bird loves
mad money

i hide 20 here
i sneak 50 there
sometimes i flip
thru his wallet
to see what i can see
its ok
he wont miss it
and what he doesnt know
wont hurt

buying art
an aphrodisiac
for those
who can't fart a dime
but dont worry ladies
if that doesnt work
theres always
the Dark Bird IOU



Wild Horses---SOULD

24 x 36 on a good bord



alot of folks ask

what a Dark Bird like myself does

when the flea market closes in the winter

the answer is that i spend alot of time

driving a Kat around looking for

wild horses in the southwest

not a bad job

if you can get




Cadillac Ranch Dark Bird

foto by Kat Livengood just outside of Amarillo Texass


2015 is the Year of the Dark Bird

its going to be a big year

one to remember

so thanks for all

who got off the main road

and bought a piece

of my work at the flea market in the past

because the future is about to take flight

this will be

the year of the





Fertility Totem

20 x 80 mol on a good bord


may this year

be pregnant with possibilities

exploding with cheap gas prices

and booming with the sound of

"who does this guy from north korea think he is

pulling a movie from my metroplex!?!"

the year at the flea market was a good one

and next year i plan on having a few surprices at the Dark Bird Palace

for those that venture off the main road of life

to a small flea market outside of santa fe

just like i hope to offer a few surprise this year to those

that visit my

creaky prehistoric website that was born

at the dawn of the innernet

when no one really knew where

this digital highway was heading

(all roads lead to facebook and two other big box stores nowdays)

so thank you for caring about art

its a small world and theres no sense explaining why

art is important to folks that dont understand that

so a tip of my hat to those that

smile back at that ;)

if you havent already seen

my new art this month you might wannna

click and take a look as there

are some great deals to be had on my

end of the year art

from this full time American Artist

in Santa fe New Mexico

who is undoubtedly the most

famous flea market artist in the world


Last Art of 2014



End of the Alley at 620 Canyon Road


i love to build a good fire

Kat loves to serve hot apple cider

and in Santa fe on Christmas eve

everyone gets out and walks up and down

Canyon Road just to say

merry Christmas

have a happy new year

so come by if your in the area

ive got more art in my studio

than a sensible clean nicely spaced gallery will

ever have

which sounds like ive moved the flea market

to Canyon Road

yes says Kat

you certainly have

adios til then





Flower Giver---SOULD

1 8x 24 oily on a bord


get out
of your head
get out
of your head
i know
its hard to believe
when you think
your that smart
but if you live in there
youll never
make great

whats happening?
where am i?
where is my paint thinner?
where is my yellow
i cant find my red
why is it
when i look
for my glasses
they're usually
on my head

dark birds
are frequently
transcendent beings
occasionally disguised
as dirty birds
but then again
sometimes a
black bird is just
a black bird
picking at stinky
day old
road kill

if you skin a bear
its said
they look
like humans
if you skin a human
i wonder
if we look
like a rat
if you skin a rat
add potatoes & carrots
for a very fine

of all human communication
is said to be
a welcome relief to all those
that grunt and mumble
as much as i do


clik hear 4 lots more art from a dark bird in new mexico





We are Vast--SOULD

24 x 30 oily on a framed bord


we all occasionally

get bogged down in the daily grind

it is part of the

surreal deal

although some seem

to rise completely above it

despite frequently seeming to float off

like a balloon with a silly bunny on it

but just beyond the bills

past the daily drama

over the hill from

the seemingly unbearable truths we live with

is the vague recollection many of us have

that there is something

just beyond this memory

that is

ok with us

waiting for us

the brave beings who

lived in a world where there

were no promises or easy answers

just human beings

doing the best they could

and occasionally remembering that

like the stars

in the cosmos

we are vast


clik hear four lots of new art




Mustangs of the Rising Moon

by Kat Livengood


On the Road

racing around Montana

on a red horse

looking for that moment

that sparkly moment

when Kat puts a dream

into a picture box

gathering the reflected moon light

just past midnight

in the shape

of mustangs, wild horses, feral equine

& sky dogs

its amazing how much

you can see when its dark

its amazing how much you dont sea

in the light

and wouldnt you know it

most folks sleep when

the light is








Winter Dark Birds---SOULD

61 x 19

oily on a good bord framed fleabilly


when i look back on life

i see a tiny shiny moment when

everything changed in my life

in the blink

of an eye

which is an amazing thing

and a terrorfying thing all wrapped

up together

i suppose there are holy places

where fate meets destiny

and things can transform

or "become"

if we are ready for that


so i will just leave you with the thought

that one of the biggest things that happened

in my life

i never saw coming

but i was ready for it

and knew it when i saw it

the rest as they say

is history




Dead Cowboy rides a Jack Ass---SOULD

oily on a good bord


ive heard people say
you cant be an artist
if you paint
and sell your own work
at a flea market
no one will take you serious
no one will pay for your work
and galleries will have
no interest in you
at all

and that may be true
but how i am viewed
by my friends
at the flea market
and that small band
of passionate art collectors
who support my work
is more important
to me than all the gatekeepers
in the world of art
not to mention
other artist who don't fight
the good fight daily

fierce desperation
drove me to the flea market
doing 1000s of paintings
transformed me into a artist
and looking deeply into myself
forged the story
that is mine alone
at the Dark Bird Palace

in my world
i believe that without
a war to win as an artist
i would get no where
comfort and a sense of ease
serve the work of an artist poorly
i am a soldier
on the front lines of art
which means i take
all the bullets & verbal arrows
as well as the spoils
of victory
and also acknowledge
that all could be lost
at any moment

and so the painting
"A Year of Work"
speaks to
my core work ethic
which is desperate & relentless
as well as my precarious perch
which has created a ruthless pragmatism
in my use of materials for art
that also allows me to
paint extravagantly
& to continue to be
the desert iconoclast
who paints at a
small flea market
in high desert of New Mexico


the Dark Bird Palace October 2014


he told me
he left $30 in quarters
in a pringles can by her bed
when he was done
he stole em back
but the dirty whore chased
him all the way back
to his broke down truck
but never forgit
life is a comma
its not a period
its a comma
and if you see
an exclamation point
just climb it like a
celestial ladder
straight into that ladies head
that asked me
what do you sell?
what do you sell?
i typed out my resignation
right that moment
right that moment
i quit like a nail
hammered straight thru to the other side
like a comma in the middle
of a sentence that cant stop
won't stop
I'm a run on sentence
moving right on down the line
straight to the dark bird diner
where i ate crow for a month
til i growed feathers and a beak
like a fish before it climbed
out of the water
and flew off in a fit
when it rained on the fish
rained on a fish
a fish hates
to get wet
hates rain
never ever rain on a fish
just like you never
wanna whistle in the ear
of a horse
its not horse whistler
its horse whispererer
it sounds like bones
blowing in the wind
i got so many bones
hanging in my shed
when the wind blows
it sounds like
the sweet dead cowboy blues
and its a comma
not a
next time bring
a folgers coffee can
they dont tip over
so easy


clik hear for moore new art


Autumn Dark Birds----SOULD

20 x 60 oily on a good bord

i am haunted
by my memory of Dark Birds
thru my years at the flea market
the sight of these outsiders
hoping around
watching out with one eye
sizing up an apple core
with the other
by the scratchy sound
of them talking to me
when im alone at my Shed
where on weekdays they feel safe
from the crowds
that dont understand them
safe from too much
attention out front

i am inspired by Dark Birds
as they sit a fence line
on a late summer afternoon
when a big thunderstorm cloud sneaks up
behind them
bringing thunder and lightning
and a big wind they use to
float on like a desert
ferris wheel

dark birds
stay at the edge of things
never in the middle
of things
Dark Birds are cautious
too much experience
to be naive about the world
but too much humor to be
cynical about the
lay of the land

i smile at the memory
of watching dark birds
on hot summer days
as they hop on the desert ground
dust flying up around them
as they pop up and down
like slow food popcorn

i day dream at the memory
of Dark Birds
flying over the bold
blue new mexico sky
looking like a dark rip
in the cosmos
a portal
into the animal cosmos
where i find the
dark bird inside of me
the painter who found
himself a home just outside of santa fe
at a flea market
which might as well be
a million miles away
from the tour buses downtown





Flea Market Table---SOULD

i have no idea
how i arrived
at this place on the path
its as though my tale
has been dusting my trail
all along the

in a world of
constant change
i am a rusty hinge
with a bic lighter
that turns a can
of WD 40 into a
flame thrower

i want to play the game
i want to be smart & connected
i want to be in big art shows
i want to be famous
and on front pages
of art magazines
and theres not a shred of
evidence to support that
line of BS

dogs on a leash
a new happening at the flea
i cant help but notice
the canines all love
the beef jerky guy

tables of turquoise
tables of tools
tables of beads
tables of used books
and tables of
used VHS tapes
its so obvious when
you find the right place
to sell art

clik hear 4 moore art


The Prosperity Painting---SOULD

big oily approx 65 x 40 inchesesees of manna


ya know

i dont have a tatoo on me anywhere

& i think im stuck in

1973 driving a 65 mustang

thats running out of gas

but all that

feels modern

compared to the flea market

we are still in 1573

which is yesterdays news

since yesterday i found

a dark bird skeleton

and instead of looking

this darkbird rexus flea marketus in the mouth

i put a saddle on it

and flew it right to the edge of town

where where i saw a long road of

coronados conquistadors marching towards Wal Mart

home of every day low prices

for spray bottles & WD-40

to keep your self cool & flexible

under that Don Quixote

up metal armour suite

just in case you go chasing any

windmills gone rogue

(somedays i just type and somedays i rite and sometimes i dont know what happens when i get behind the keyboard)

clik hear 4 a couple more paintings




Guitar Music---SOULD

24 x 30 oily multicrappia framed fleabilly


i love your art
heres my website card
i do what you do
i will give you
50 cents on the dollar
for that painting
a backhanded bitch slap
disguised as an
art pilgrimage

in my dream
old Rod Stewart
still wearing tight pants
with saggy skin
blocked my way
as i tried to get thru
to the other side

waltzing with my shadow
on the front aisle
i took the lead
danced past the spice guy
turned at old pawn jewelry
& dipped at
"get over it"

yes im happy
to sign your book
how do you spell your name?
exactly like it looks now
on amazon used books
for 3.99

i tried to pirouette
but it turned into
an endless spin
that became a
a dark bird screwgun
that wouldnt
return my

selfies everywhere
some foto themselves
some paint themselves
some hate themselves
personally id rather
paint a dog in the desert
trying to get

dark bird national bank
offered me a coffee mug
with my new account
i cant pour anything into it
but i can use it like
a fork
to eat crow

my new painting
grounded in the
surreal real
of the flea market
doesnt really come close
to explaining the daily dose
inexplicable beauty
constant deja vu
sudden epipthanies
awful flashbacks
and other strange
at the dark bird palace
but its just a painting after all
and maybe if im lucky
it will help pay
for the most real of all ...





the Dark Bird Palace

foto by flea market photographer Klaus Priebe


whats a dark bird?

im asked this question almost daily

for some its just a black colored bird

but for others its a bit more


for example

if you find yourself

5 miles outside of

the art capital of the southwest

off the main road

on the reservation

at a flea market

looking at some crzy guys art

in a weird shack

he calls the Dark Bird Palace


you just might be a dark bird


clik hear for a look at another new totem



Three Totems---SOULD

72 x 60 on three good bords


twomorrows the art newslettr

got several new ones

join up if you want

two sea what eye got

plus some fotos of

desert treasure

(ok its my kinda treasure but who says a got skull aint valuable?)






approx 36 x 36 of lipsmackn multicrappia


less wolf
more rabbit
less whisky
more beer
less heat
more rain
words fail me
if you know
what i mean

im an 8 year old
cowboy from texas
do you want any
spearmint chewing gum?
i also have juicy fruit?
my most memorable
exchange at the flea
this weekend

an apple core
thrown onto
aisle J
same time
same place at the flea
how to train
a dark bird

i was invited to the mosque
to join in prayer
told that i might make
a good mullah some day
my beard
an invitation to 72 virgins
in paradise

a beautiful summer afternoon
with a nice cool breeze
blowing in a light mist
of uranium from los alamos
giving everything
that soft fuzzy glow
that my paintings
so often capture
about the land
of enchantment

clik hear for another couple from the flea market this weakend



small oily on bord

july 14 2014


a 45 watt bulb
standing on a
richety old chair
talking to myself
while a rooster crows
some place
far away

a cup of water
a river of stars
8 pounds of dust
shake gently
add salt
make a wish
the making of
a celestial being

at the shed
poor folks tell me
they are rich
wealthy folks tell me
they are common
unknown artist
await imminent discovery
the truly accomplished
smile like a cat
i stand there
and listen to it all
and wonder
if i should be writing

an archeologist
of artista obscura
bought my star dust
asked if he could use
my art
as the flavor delivery device
my paintings his dorito
my dirt
the salsa

the Dark Bird Palace
my ragged
dirty aging shed
a flea market shrine
to folks
who love to live
or explore
just off the main road
of life
it wont last forever
but then again
none of us


clik hear four two more wild thangs two sea





32 x 48 oily on a bord


painting the strange beauty

of a dark vision

seems my only way out

im the anti thomas kinkade

the painter of blight


(clik hear for another new painting "the strange beauty of a dark vision)




Beauty of a Dark Vision---SOULD

oily multicrappia on a bord or two or three



Dear God,

(if you text please let me know)

grant me the serenity

(aka money, power & destruction of all my enemies)

to accept the things I cannot change,

(sorry no can do)

The courage to change

(this sounds alot like that acceptance crap)

the things I can,

(yes im still working on that last dark bird painting)

And wisdom

(im more interested in power but if this is required i can try it)

to know the difference.

(FYI...i can do an animal sacrifice
like in the old testament
if this would speed things up…)

p.s…please get back to me ASAP we have tons of Shamans
here in santa fe that can take care of this for $99.99




Planes Trains & Automobiles---SOULD

24 x 31 multicrappia


art everywhere

art should run the world

art everywhere

no more polyticks

no more more wars

no more rich no more poor

art everywhere

so that everything is art

then nothing is art

a new


art everywhere





clik rite hear four moore artsttstststststssssnakes




SS Dark Bird-----SOULD

piggy back painting done over a thrift store painting i figured i could improve on greatlylylylyly


important art rule
i read yesterday...
"never talk or write
about your paintings
to the viewer"

another sacred cow
from the world of fancy art
that i smash every day
with my 5lb hammer
demystifying the artist
and $20,000 paintings
along the way


(my lower hinged mandible
as well as my double jointed typing finger
set me apart from most neanderartist
who can only grunt
and wave their arms wildly
while chasing the exotic
rare art collector across
the manna savanna)


but then again
i digress
and then
i digress again
and then agin
& agin
takin me further away
from the hanging

(if this has distracted
your attention from
the preciousness of my painting
then just maybe
i should go back
and take a look
at how i can make it
more worthy of your


being that I AM
a chronic rule breaker
a formal ball buster
and a painting procedural discombobulator
that is
a full on bonified dark bird
i trust you will understand
why you've never seen my art
in a gallery or museum
and why i am
at a flea market
where i assure you
no one is
talking high concept
and deep metaphor

but oops there i go agin
typing at well over
45 words a minute
with only 12 errors more or less
(whos countn?)
and you've prolly already
forgotten the painting

"you know of course
that if you talk about your art
you will ruin the mystery
for the viewer
dont you?"

and what if a dark bird
was just a dark bird?
would that blow your mind?
(and sales price as well?)


and so i spend
the next 15 minutes explaining
that the naked assassin
lives under the volcano
and that the dead cowboy
drives a red truck
and that tricksters
are everywhere
at which point
the lady bought the painting…
(i hate mystery)

i believe in the exchange
between the artist and the viewer
where people see
who i am
despite my other worldly stream of consciousness
ideas that often erupt into a flea market boogie
which i have also been warned about
(important art rule # so & so
never ever dance in front
of the viewer of your art)




(couple of really good paintings left on weakly art..clik hear to sea whats left)













3 more new paintings

on my art page

clik hear two sea












































































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