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The Prosperity Painting

big oily approx 65 x 40 inchesesees of manna


ya know

i dont have a tatoo on me anywhere

& i think im stuck in

1973 driving a 65 mustang

thats running out of gas

but all that

feels modern

compared to the flea market

we are still in 1573

which is yesterdays news

since yesterday i found

a dark bird skeleton

and instead of looking

this darkbird rexus flea marketus in the mouth

i put a saddle on it

and flew it right to the edge of town

where where i saw a long road of

coronados conquistadors marching towards Wal Mart

home of every day low prices

for spray bottles & WD-40

to keep your self cool & flexible

under that Don Quixote

up metal armour suite

just in case you go chasing any

windmills gone rogue

(somedays i just type and somedays i rite and sometimes i dont know what happens when i get behind the keyboard)

clik hear 4 a couple more paintings



the Naked Assasin and the Golden Gun

24 x 60 oily on a good bord


Sept 1st 2014

thank you for looking


(clik hear four other new paintings)





15 by 20 multicrappia in a kitchen drawerrrrr


sometimes its hard to explain

how you dig yourself

out of a dark hole

when things are hard

and you cant imagine

anything going good

and to top it off

alot of folks will tell you

to keep your chin up

things arent that bad

when the truth is

some of us just need a bigger shovel

and the deeper the hole gets

and the farther i get from HOPE

the biggr my grin gets

until i get so dark

the only thing u can sea

in my heart shaped hole in the ground

is my bright shiny teeth

smiling liking a crazy dead cowboy

just before i come out

on the

other side





Gold Fishing

24 x 31 multicrappia on bord


suicide, cancer,
diabetes, car wrecks,
heart attacks, murder,
skiing accidents, brain tumors
and strokes
are all lies...
its the burdenblessing of our sensitivity
that eventually kills us all


clik hear for 4 other new paintings


Guitar Music---SOULD

24 x 30 oily multicrappia framed fleabilly


i love your art
heres my website card
i do what you do
i will give you
50 cents on the dollar
for that painting
a backhanded bitch slap
disguised as an
art pilgrimage

in my dream
old Rod Stewart
still wearing tight pants
with saggy skin
blocked my way
as i tried to get thru
to the other side

waltzing with my shadow
on the front aisle
i took the lead
danced past the spice guy
turned at old pawn jewelry
& dipped at
"get over it"

yes im happy
to sign your book
how do you spell your name?
exactly like it looks now
on amazon used books
for 3.99

i tried to pirouette
but it turned into
an endless spin
that became a
a dark bird screwgun
that wouldnt
return my

selfies everywhere
some foto themselves
some paint themselves
some hate themselves
personally id rather
paint a dog in the desert
trying to get

dark bird national bank
offered me a coffee mug
with my new account
i cant pour anything into it
but i can use it like
a fork
to eat crow

my new painting
grounded in the
surreal real
of the flea market
doesnt really come close
to explaining the daily dose
inexplicable beauty
constant deja vu
sudden epipthanies
awful flashbacks
and other strange
at the dark bird palace
but its just a painting after all
and maybe if im lucky
it will help pay
for the most real of all ...





the Dark Bird Palace

foto by flea market photographer Klaus Priebe


whats a dark bird?

im asked this question almost daily

for some its just a black colored bird

but for others its a bit more


for example

if you find yourself

5 miles outside of

the art capital of the southwest

off the main road

on the reservation

at a flea market

looking at some crzy guys art

in a weird shack

he calls the Dark Bird Palace


you just might be a dark bird


clik hear for a look at another new totem



Three Totems

72 x 60 on three good bords


twomorrows the art newslettr

got several new ones

join up if you want

two sea what eye got

plus some fotos of

desert treasure

(ok its my kinda treasure but who says a got skull aint valuable?)






approx 36 x 36 of lipsmackn multicrappia


less wolf
more rabbit
less whisky
more beer
less heat
more rain
words fail me
if you know
what i mean

im an 8 year old
cowboy from texas
do you want any
spearmint chewing gum?
i also have juicy fruit?
my most memorable
exchange at the flea
this weekend

an apple core
thrown onto
aisle J
same time
same place at the flea
how to train
a dark bird

i was invited to the mosque
to join in prayer
told that i might make
a good mullah some day
my beard
an invitation to 72 virgins
in paradise

a beautiful summer afternoon
with a nice cool breeze
blowing in a light mist
of uranium from los alamos
giving everything
that soft fuzzy glow
that my paintings
so often capture
about the land
of enchantment

clik hear for another couple from the flea market this weakend



small oily on bord

july 14 2014


a 45 watt bulb
standing on a
richety old chair
talking to myself
while a rooster crows
some place
far away

a cup of water
a river of stars
8 pounds of dust
shake gently
add salt
make a wish
the making of
a celestial being

at the shed
poor folks tell me
they are rich
wealthy folks tell me
they are common
unknown artist
await imminent discovery
the truly accomplished
smile like a cat
i stand there
and listen to it all
and wonder
if i should be writing

an archeologist
of artista obscura
bought my star dust
asked if he could use
my art
as the flavor delivery device
my paintings his dorito
my dirt
the salsa

the Dark Bird Palace
my ragged
dirty aging shed
a flea market shrine
to folks
who love to live
or explore
just off the main road
of life
it wont last forever
but then again
none of us


clik hear four two more wild thangs two sea





32 x 48 oily on a bord


painting the strange beauty

of a dark vision

seems my only way out

im the anti thomas kinkade

the painter of blight


(clik hear for another new painting "the strange beauty of a dark vision)





27 x 18 mol flea billy multicrappia


i saw a midget on aisle J
riding a one eyed chicken
selling boxes of sour dough biscuits
with cans of cream of hope
you could save with a
baptismal dunk

i have a red map
i cant read
a message in a blue bottle
i cant open
a radio with a preacher man
that i cant shut off
and a foreign movie
with no sub titles
running thru my head
it used to make me crazy
but now
i dance to it in my shed

yesterday a fellow tould me
that bank robbers
wearing clown clothes
robbed a bank in his town
and that the tv station
asked the bank
if they were real clowns
or just people
wearing clown clothes?

"I'm a rollin stone
all alone and lost"
Hank Williams singing
drifted from my shed
the row was empty
not a dollar in sight
i felt like Hank was singing to me
about the
Lost Aisleway

i tried to save the world
with righteous deeds
a strong hand
and clear vision
but at dusk
they hung me
at noon the quartered me
burying my eyes
at blind mule mesa
my strong right arm
at canyon de weak
my heart at
too big canyon
and my brain
crazyass butte







about 50 x 70 oily mess on loose canvas


tomorrow is

the fancy newslettr

on the lectric mail system

where eye show

new art

new story

great fotos....

ifn ye aint on it

u mite wanna

git on it

rite now

(sighn up up top of the page)



Three Dark Birds

31 x 12 oily on a bord oily on a bord 31 x 12 oily on a bord 31 x 12 oily on a bord 31 x 12 oily on a bord


wandering the aisles of my mind
up one row and down another
some boothes are empty
some are full
always hoping to find
that flea market treasure
in my mind the rain h

it my shed so hard
i felt like i was riding thru
one of those automatic car washes
with the windows
rolled down

when they hung Black Jack Ketchum
his head popped off
like a cork from dandelion wine
releasing that fuzzy stuff into the air
which floated up and became
the stars over the new mexico sky

the Grouchy Old Bastard at the flea
(yes thats his real name)
tould me that when los alamos blows
(and it will)
he expects the only thing
that will be left standing
will be the glowing radioactive
indestructable Dark Bird Palace

spinning left then right
throwing paint and scrapping art
rambling about
black holes
kit carson
and Apache indians
i am the chaos
in the midst of a secular world where
"its all good"

clik hear four another new painting


Mountain Journey

24 by thirty oily on bord


June 9th 2014



Beauty of a Dark Vision---SOULD

oily multicrappia on a bord or two or three



Dear God,

(if you text please let me know)

grant me the serenity

(aka money, power & destruction of all my enemies)

to accept the things I cannot change,

(sorry no can do)

The courage to change

(this sounds alot like that acceptance crap)

the things I can,

(yes im still working on that last dark bird painting)

And wisdom

(im more interested in power but if this is required i can try it)

to know the difference.

(FYI...i can do an animal sacrifice
like in the old testament
if this would speed things up…)

p.s…please get back to me ASAP we have tons of Shamans
here in santa fe that can take care of this for $99.99




Planes Trains & Automobiles---SOULD

24 x 31 multicrappia


art everywhere

art should run the world

art everywhere

no more polyticks

no more more wars

no more rich no more poor

art everywhere

so that everything is art

then nothing is art

a new


art everywhere





36 x 96 oily on loose canvas---SOULD

clik rite hear for full image and other closeuppers


i ate it

couldnt stand the aftertaste

matter of fact it didnt even

taste good when i

typed it

so i used some white out

(prehistoric eraser)

and got rid of it

forgive me jesus

and allah

and all u guys in robes

and a few of u gals

that got chiseled off the face of

mount gawdmore

im a cosmic gnat with a keybord




8 Seconds ---SOULD

16 x 20 oily on a bord framed flea billy style


some folks think riding a dark bird

is easy

just get on its back

enjoy the ride

the views real nice

and theres no waiting

in line

its a VIP ticket to where ever you want to go

except transit time is years and years

of rough traveling in coach

where the food is bad

your seat is breaking your back

and your sitting between

a fat lady who stinks

& a crazy old man who wont shut up

so hold on to your hat

in case you get thrown on your ass

and wonder

why you thought it looked so easy

after all

all you had to do

was stay on the back

of that dark bird

for 8 seconds




the Glorious Survivors

of this thing called life (sould)

big messy oily loose canvas 31 x 73


a frozen burrito
on the trucks dashboard
a flea market microwave
an empty jar of tomato sauce
perfect for cool h2o
a handful of sweet cashews
gratis from the spice guy
flea market fine dining

another fallen painting
a casuality of
dust, wind & time
i bury it on
the dark bird palace
the memorial tomb
of the unknown

howling on the front row
every morning
reveals the secret DNA
of a flea market trader
we're all spliced
with wolves

last weekend
people compared my work
to warhol, picasso, basquiate & jackson pollack
leaving me to wonder if i was a short black alcholic spaniard who
wore a silver wig and painted dark birds
would people compare me
to kelly moore?

this band
of the walking wounded
glorious survivors
of this thing called life
scoured clean of the neurosis
of modern living
by sun, rain & the great recession
given clarity via heart attacks,
cancer, bankruptcy, strokes,
whisky and not a few bad marriages
branded by the motivation
that comes with doing
something you really love to do
these are the dark birds of
the tesuque flea market



Cosmic Telegraph---SOULD

24 by 30 multicrappia


tomorrows a wild n wool e


so if u aint joind up yet

join it today

to git first looks at my art

& the occasional appearance of

my other half

(the crzy schizo ozark hillbilly)

who knows which

will show up?

heck i dont even know

(his appearances arent announced to me either)






Coyote Protection Painting---SOULD

big oily on loose canvas


what is the sweetest spot

in your daily walk thru the stars in the milky way

other wise known as your life?

sit still

remember what you knew

when you were

10 years old

for some

its writing a story

for others its organizing marbles

and for a few

its being a coyote...

today i say protect that golden child for dear life

its your ticket to a better dream

but then again

i have along bushy tale

so be careful what you believe

when a trickster like me sits down

at a keyboard and types

something to be read on the

inner net





Flea Market Exit----SOULD

oily on bord



last week
fancy MOMA museum of modern art
contacted me and asked
if i wanted to be part of a
group show of important
international artist
to which i replied
"im the greatest
flea market artist in the world
& u stick me willy nilly into a group
of fancy pants artist who paint abstracts
thinkn im as green as a tailgater
at his first flea market
on a cold spring morning?
no sirree
eye aint gonna be privy
to that
so when ur ready to give me my solo
u know where to find me
on AISLE J at the flea market
where eye will be paintin
dark birds every friday thru sunday
like i have been for the last 14 billion years"



clik rite hear four moore artsttstststststssssnakes




SS Dark Bird-----SOULD

piggy back painting done over a thrift store painting i figured i could improve on greatlylylylyly


important art rule
i read yesterday...
"never talk or write
about your paintings
to the viewer"

another sacred cow
from the world of fancy art
that i smash every day
with my 5lb hammer
demystifying the artist
and $20,000 paintings
along the way


(my lower hinged mandible
as well as my double jointed typing finger
set me apart from most neanderartist
who can only grunt
and wave their arms wildly
while chasing the exotic
rare art collector across
the manna savanna)


but then again
i digress
and then
i digress again
and then agin
& agin
takin me further away
from the hanging

(if this has distracted
your attention from
the preciousness of my painting
then just maybe
i should go back
and take a look
at how i can make it
more worthy of your


being that I AM
a chronic rule breaker
a formal ball buster
and a painting procedural discombobulator
that is
a full on bonified dark bird
i trust you will understand
why you've never seen my art
in a gallery or museum
and why i am
at a flea market
where i assure you
no one is
talking high concept
and deep metaphor

but oops there i go agin
typing at well over
45 words a minute
with only 12 errors more or less
(whos countn?)
and you've prolly already
forgotten the painting

"you know of course
that if you talk about your art
you will ruin the mystery
for the viewer
dont you?"

and what if a dark bird
was just a dark bird?
would that blow your mind?
(and sales price as well?)


and so i spend
the next 15 minutes explaining
that the naked assassin
lives under the volcano
and that the dead cowboy
drives a red truck
and that tricksters
are everywhere
at which point
the lady bought the painting…
(i hate mystery)

i believe in the exchange
between the artist and the viewer
where people see
who i am
despite my other worldly stream of consciousness
ideas that often erupt into a flea market boogie
which i have also been warned about
(important art rule # so & so
never ever dance in front
of the viewer of your art)






Men aint Socialable--SOULD

24 by 30 multicrappia on wood framed flea billy

last month
a border patrol agent
asked me where i was from
and i tould him
"a star"
which is the truth
but will also get u hung up
in one of those
detention centers
in arizona for about
2 hours

i dance everyday
to sad music
that plays in my head
which i cure upon demand
by simply turning up the RPM's
on the dial in my ear
creating the only crzy song
i can live with

books upon books upon books
about the right paint brushes
the exact pigments
and the proper painting surfaces
to paint upon
and yet
none mention my most important
studio painting tools
an 18v screwgun
a 5 pound mallet
and brushes so caked with old paint
that thay caw like a dark bird
when i paint

hours spent yesterday
working thru the dark bird alphabet
making croaking noises
cawing sounds
confusing & baffling
one old lady
who unfortunately saw me flapping my skinny arms
tryn to take flight from
the ground

please ladies please
come to the flea market
we so desperately need
bands of roaming
female shoppers
to graze on our

more color
more passion
more lifting up
of our heavy heads
our weary hearts
isnt this
what its all


clik hear for a few new paintngs this weak








taking a vacation at the Salton Sea---SOULD OUT

foto by Kat Livengood


taking a good rest

i need a vacation

doing close to nothing

just sitting on the beach




bought a milk shake for a kat

winked at a dark bird

smiled at a desert dawg

ate a one eyed dead fish

and today

i might go full out with a can of beans

extra ketchup please

and then take

a long walk on the beach at the salton sea

to contemplate 2013

and what eye think happened

vs what actually happened

u know

that so called reality thing

that we all try to avoid

im just taking a vacation

walking along the salton sea

looking back and editing my story

like most people do every day

but with a

very very big


what do you think

happened in your 2013?

always like to hear from folks....



(couple of really good paintings left on weakly art..clik hear to sea whats left)



the Human Condition---SOULD

about 16 x 24 framed flea billy style


for the last two months

my shed a the flea has been empty

except for the lingering energetic memories

from last year when the occasional powerful experience

would happen that would leave

a strange psychic tremble in the shed

that i still feel at times many miles away

well into january


very few would accuse me of being new agey kinda guy

but i do struggle

with what to make of these surreal explosive moments

when something larger than me or a nice painting happens

(oh my gawd i love dawg paintings!!!)

in that lil shed at the reservation flea market

but do i chalk these small moments up to

previous lives?



medicine? (a friend tales me art is medicine)

or the increasingly delusional imagination of a

bizarre flea market artist?

perhaps any or all of these answers are possible

but those that have experienced these moments

kmow who you are and what

happens occasionally at the Dark Bird Palace...

(the rest of the day can be anything from boring to desperate to unbelievably beautiful)

anyway for now

(and it could all disappear in a minute)

i believe i am

simply the temporary custodian of a small patch of ground

5 miles outside of santa fe new mexico at a touristy market

that draws dark birds from all sorts of places

that just need have a good CAW together



i choose to believe this

just like everyone else

chooses to believe something that gives there life meaning

but its also because to give up this

real or imagined world

which in my case is vast

would be giving up the

the only thing i truly own

(tomorrow is the newsletter with several... lets just say interesting paintings in it)

((may the great CAW be with you))





Winter Dark Birds---SOULD

20 x 68 oily on loose canvas


dark birds are
grit and beauty
capable of soaring gracefully
high into the blue sky
and then nose diving into
a nasty dumpster
for a leftover taco

dark birds
arent really dark
look closely
and you will see
they are a
beautiful melancholy blue

dark birds are not leaders
dark birds are not followers
they will destroy any club
that will have them
undermine any authority
that commands them
and leave you guessing
everytime you try to
pin them down

dark birds are curious
about everything
picking things up
setting things down
building a nest from garbage
a dark bird crown

dark birds are born
not made
some try to hide
with the robins
some try to fly with the hawks
but everyone knows
a dark bird when they see one
even if the dark bird
is sometimes
the last one
to know


clik hear four won more painting




Flea Market 2013---SOULD


im not an outlaw or a crook

but when the checkout lady

at the grocery store asked me

to sign the e-pad while she yawnd

that far far far away look

something snappd in my head

like the beautiful crackling sound

an ifone makes

when you run over it in a parking lot

so i drew a dark bird

on the signature line

and she didnt notice

and matter of a fact

no one has noticed

in the last six months

as i launched my dark bird revolt

while practicing my drawing

and who knows

the dark bird i did at the gas station

this week was so good

i may start practicing

my dead cowboys



3 more new paintings

on my art page

clik hear two sea




21 x 16



ancient anazazi holy site
spiritual to the bone
a quiet whispering wind
honoring the ancient ones
on a late autumn afternon

in the far far distance
i see a puff of dust hurtling
towards me like a blue spirit
something mystical is happening
i feel as though i have
been chosen for something

when the vision arrives
it is in the form of a
blue Dodge mini van
with a Utah licence plate
from which 5 small blond demons
tumble out screaming
my ears begin to bleed
my brain explodes
my eyes pop out
im having an out of body experience
im dizzy
im nauseous
what is happening to me?
is this a ritual?
i hear voices from
the great unknown
and now i begin to
projectile barf
i am in the throes
of a white mans vision quest
i see white ants
crawling all over
the ruins
i now lose control of my bowels
the lil white demons
have consumed me
and i am now shitting
pure cosmic consciousness
the elders watch as the
little demons run furious circles
around the great kiva
waving their arms
in small tomahawk chops
and then its over
just as quickly as it began
the teachers from the blue spirit disappear
in another trail of mysterious dust
and i am left cleansed
i have been purified
i have seen the truth
i am now
a white mans shaman




The Light Holders---SOULD

(clik hear four won moore paiintn)


lawrence welk on a saturday nite
im watching white people
so white
that all their rhythmn
is in their hair

the naked assasin returns
lost child is found
the dead cowboy
rounds the corner
and 14 billion years later
im still painting the dream
of the misfits in the desert

i found a hole
in the corner of my shed
got out my flashlite
to look down inside
where i saw a mouse
sitting at a computer
watching kat videos

i stapled a headless doll
to the outside of my shed
put the head on sharp stick inside
hoping to achieve
the golden seal of approval
from the better flea & garden magazine

you know your over the hill
when a kid passes you
on the off ramp while hes texting
and still has enough time
to flip you off



the Naked Assasin---SOULD

24 by 30 multicrappia----clik hear for two more paintngs




































































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