the Badlands





Im watching you

foto by kat livengood


Blind Willie Johnson

sings his song

i hear the words

i ask his question


"Won't somebody tell me

Answer if you can

Won't somebody tell me

Tell me what is the soul of a man?"




Bisti Badlands

foto by kat livengood


late afternoon sun

painting in the Badlands

upon millions of years of memory

piled high as ash and bone

wont somebody tell me

what is the soul of a man?




Soul of Man



they say as life goes on

we become the face weve earned

maybe we become

stardust appropriately aligned

but tell me if you can

what is the soul of a man?





Painting at Bisti Badlands

foto by kat livengood


scratching out art

my ideas scrambled

by a neolithic God

im hunting for food

looking for shelter

i remember being chased

i remember protecting her

from some far away




the Milky Way

foto by kat livengood


the milky way emerges

its was there all the time

hidden by the ball of fire

high up in the sky

when the starlight

arrives it finds my eyes

& i receive

a secret message

from far away

that time is

a fraud

its all here right now




Soul of Man #2


Starlight passes

thru soul fire

arriving at nightfall

manifesting as stardust

gone dreamtime

made sublime

by a sunset





Soul of Man





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