Scratcher Lady
weakly art


oily multicrappia on bord


for reasons that

dont exactly make sense

we decided to go

straight to the Taos Pueblo

thinking something mysterious

was waiting there for us

to answer our questions about

Kit Carson




foto by Kat Livengood


we were

immediately drawn to

the old San Geronimo Church at the Pueblo

which was mostly destroyed in the

Spanish Revolt of 1680...

the graves now stand inside

where the church used to be




lil angel

foto by Kat Livengood


so what can you say?

the last two days had been filled with

war and genocide

death and decay

famine and fatigue

conflicts between

the whites

the hispanics

and the native americans....

we needed a drink


the adobe bar

foto by kelly moore


so off we went

to the Adobe Bar at Doc Martins

the same bar that

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda

and countless other artist had gone to

while staying in Taos......

but even though the whiskey was good

and the burger was red

we still had no clues about

Kit Carson






the wild eyed sage of the adobe bar

foto by kelly moore


that is

until we were leaving

and a crzy eyed grizzled old man

came straight up to me and sayd

go to Cebolla Mesa

the scratchr lady is there

she will tale you all u need to know

just go..........



Haunt me

available as of 2-2014



skin walkers are witchs

from navajo myth

that crawls around at nite

on all fours with pallid white faces & red eyes

covered in animal fur

chanting prayers backward to bring out the evil spirits

as thay search out dead bodys

for skin thay can remove to ground up into

"corpse powder"

which thay blow into peoples face

to give them ghost sickness




midnite at cebolla mesa

foto by dreamr


so as we drove out to cebolla mesa

at midnite

looking for the scratchr lady

that the fella at teh adobe bar describd

we didnt really care

what name u put on

what we saw on the road

late that nite

all we knew was

we had ignored the omen

of those dead animals

and now something very strange

was in our path 5 miles out on a dirt road

in the middle of the nite

on cebolla mesa


Raw Vision

63 x 28 multicrappia on loose canvas






































































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