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april 26 2011

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Boot Hill




Photo by Kat Livengood


memory a blinking light
in my monsoon mind
storms blow in flashing dreams
and dreary nightmares
evaporating from my mind
as fast as water
on mustang mesa


Dead Cowboy at Tombstone


cities make my brain swell
pushing common sense and patience
out of ears
like bullshit toothpaste


Photo by Kat Livengood


i follow the raven
flying over the center line
headed out of Tombstone
towards roadkill
i wonder if the bird
thinks hes pulling
my truck down the road


Photo by Kat Livengood


5 miles later
i turn up a scraggly nob hill
the road more dusty than dirty
i need distance
from a world injecting
its ears with cell phones




Photo by Kat Livengood

a mile away
i watch a dust devil
dancing down the road
gaining so much size and speed
i expect rain
until a truck emerges
and passes by
leaving the rain cloud
with me


Photo by Kat Livengood


i walk away from the road
into a bottle grave yard
glass shards
popped beer caps
burned aluminum cans
all sacrificed
in a fire ritual
maybe they prey
the bottle gawd
will fill that empty space
in them also




Billy Clanton, Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury killed in Tombstone

by Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp



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