Desert Treasure


weakly art

Desert Goat

foto by Kat Livengood


the Desert is a harsh

unforgiving place

that breeds a tough type

of people

who are as independent as

cactus and as honest

as bone



foto by Kat Livengood


We wander the desert

looking for the strange beautiful things

that sought out the desert

as a place to die

or be free

and come away

with desert treasure


Wild Horses

foto by Kat Livengood


but whether its dead

or not

it all seems alive to me

and we try to honor it

with our appreciation

of its intrinsic beauty

and inherent





Desert Gems

by Kat Livengood


after all

where did all this

treasure come from?

what happened?

will it still be here

when we

drive away?




Desert Oasis

foto by Kat Livengood


When we drive away

the rattle snakes hiding under the rocks

the rabbits hiding in the sage

the coyotes watching just out of our eyesight

watch us closely

so that at night

when the animals arrive

at the desert oasis

they can drink and talk about

the strange animals they saw

in the desert that day





cities of Gold








































































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