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The Grand Canyon



the Grand Canyon

fotos by Kat Livengood


the Grand Canyon

my favorite place to be

i dont care

if there are lots of tourist or not

its awe inspiring

jaw dropping

& head clearing



White Deer

painting by Kelly Moore


im always inspired to go paint

on the rim

of the Grand Canyon

when im there painting

it feels electric

slightly dangerous

and always like im bringing home

something to remember




Painting at the Grand Canyon

foto by Kat Livengood



the paintings

start small and

usually turn into

something big

much like the small stream

that cut thru these rocks

millions of years ago




rising Moon at the Grand Canyon

foto by Kat Livengood



we stayed on the rim

and waited for the

moon to rise

yes thats not the sun

thats the moon





the Moon


nature runs the show

at the Grand Canyon

people are like the little ants

on the rim of a Big Gulp cup

never really seeing it all

or able to take it all home


Dark Birds on the Canyon Rim

foto by Kat Livengood



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navajos at canyon de chelly


















































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