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Ghost Ranch
mystery click

photos by Kat Livengood


Painting at Ghost Ranch

near Pedernal

not a person in sight

not even a whiff of a ghost

but when i start the paintings

i do know im part

of something bigger

than myself


photos by Kat Livengood


dark bird dark bird

where ever i go

there you are

always reminding me

i am the way different




photos by Kat Livengood


pouring mixing marking

its all so seamless when you

are in the desert painting

as natural as a Jack Rabbit

running to shade

or a coyote trotting

down the arroyo at dusk


photos by Kat Livengood


i often tale folks

my power drill is the most important tool i have

but then theres also my saw and my big hammer

and of course i cant forget my caulk gun

so when folks look at my toolbox that i carry

my art supplies in and say i dont

seem to be using regular art materials

i say

"thank you"




photos by Kat Livengood


it is true

that you are what you eat

if you had beauty for breakfast

you will see stars

if you had courage for lunch

you will paint strong

if you had love for dinner

you will make art




A Desert Dawg wonders about the Cosmos

one of the finished paintings from time spent at Ghost Ranch



Lightning STrike


Kats Photographys


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