St. James Hotel Cimarron New Mexico






foto by Kat Livengood

buffalo on Ted Turners Ranch outside Cimarron


when you drive into Cimarron

you are reminded that a bit of the wild west still exists

complete with land barons, outlaws

and animals you thought long gone




jesse james foto in the hallway of the st james hotel



arriving in Cimarron that nite

i pondered the question

which is creepier?

a place folks tale u is haunted like the St. James Hotel

or a place like Tucumcari

which is not known as a ghost town

but where ghosts seem to be in every

empty hotel on the main drag?





the sign out front



the Saint James Hotel in Cimarron

is on the Santa fe Trail

which is part of Route 66

which one could argue is the original

mother road in the west




clay allison



the bar is notorious at the Saint James Hotel

for being the place of at least

28 deaths by shooting

of which Clay Allison

is supposedly responsible

for killing 11 men there


window transom at St James Hotel


and the hotel was a well known

staying place for Buffalso Bill Cody, Jesse James,

Charlie Siringo, Kit Carson, Annie Oakly,

Black Jack Ketchum,

and Billy the Kid




a ghost?



so when you are sleeping

in the buffalo Bill Cody room

directly above the Bar

where your floor (the bars ceiling)

is documented to have at least 400 bullet holes in it

and many men were shot to death directly below you

is that just creepy history

or can u feel the power of a real

ghost story that has stood the test of time?




i cant really say myself

but that nite we were there

we were the only visitors at the hotel

and the upstairs hallways felt alot like

my grandparents house

rite after thay had passed away


dark bird painting on wall

what sort of a haunted hotel

would be complete

without a dark bird in the hallway?

the next morning

before we left i placed one of my paintings

on the wall of the St James Hotel....

who knows how long it will be there

but it surely seemd to fit in

real good




route 66


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