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foto by kat livengood




when does a ghost town

become a ghost town?

when does a haunted hotel

become haunted?




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thay say a ghost is someone

whos dead but doesnt know it yet

and thay just keep clanging around

doing the same things thay did

when they were alive

even though thay were buried

a long time ago





foto by kat livengood



route 66 going thru Tucumcari New Mexico

feels alot like the dreams

that died along side this highway

and now mostly what you see

are the bones left behind

from a time not so long ago




foto by kat livengood



once interstate 40 came thru

traffic become all about moving from

point A to point B

and the locals hotels and restaurants

on route 66 gave way

to chain restaurants that served chickn teryaki

and corporate hotels with free lotions and shampoos

for folks who were driving a fast highway

to the next exit ramp with an Applebys




foto by kat livengood



but if you slow down

and veer off the beaten path

to these small dying towns

the ghosts are there

waiting for something

or maybe nothing to change

Tucumcari is a ghost town in the making

and of course the more those folks deny it

the more likely thay really are

ghosts already





foto by kat livengood


after a day at Tucumcari

it was time to head off towards Cimarron

a place where a bit of the old west still exists

along route 66

which was also a stop on the santa fe trail

where many of the ghosts of the wild west

supposedly still haunt the

famous St James Hotel



foto by kat livengood


clik hear to see

the haunted hotel at cimarron new mexico


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