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Proof of Aliens





New painting


most of my life

i have felt like an alien

un able to swallow religion as a child

un able to hold a job when i was young

un able to get marryd and have a family

un able to get in an art gallery as an artist

un able to read the news lately

and completely un able to understand why

kids are snorting their fones

like digital drugs

running from humans

foto by Kat Livengood


in an strange twist of logic

my fringeness

began to take sides

with animals not humans....

it seemed we were both fleaing


in an attempt

to save ourself from

an alien abduction


Proof of Aliens

new painting


a friend at the flea market

told me once

that i couldnt tell the truth

to which i replyed

"if you came to my shed

looking for the truth

you came to the wrong place"






because really

i dont know the truth

but i do have questions

and most of them

lead to strange places

if however you just cant help yourself

and needs some hint at whats really going on

just go to wal-mart


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John Boehner---evidence of alien life form


everyone knows

the news is a lie

everyone knows

global warming is real

everyone knows

the earth isnt

2000 years old

everyone knows those that

want freedom

really want yours

and everyone knows

owning lots of semi-automatic uzi machine guns

wont keep you "safe"

well all except

the aliens



whos the Alien?



scientist say there are

170 billion galaxies

in the observable universe

so when i look up at the milky way

i dont really need imagination to think

we are not





the Milky Way

foto by Kat Livengood


and maybe

just maybe

weve already been invaded

by aliens

and they maybe on your tv

at your church

and maybe even

the mayor of your town

more evidenceseseses



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