New art

april 26 2011

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the Lost Child

big oily


last summer

a lost child came to my shed

at the flea market

she told me

she lived under the volcano

with her friends




photo by Kat Livengood



in my dream that night

i was a wolf

moving slowly around the volcano

and i could smell thousands of years in the dirt

i could see rabbits in the dark

and i heard the heavy breathing of wild horses

galloping near the rio grande




photo by Kat Livengood


the next day

the lost child returned and told me

that in her dream

owls were watching her

and protecting her

and they all had

my eyes



the Golden Eagle

big messy oily painting



as i drove home that day

i noticed the giant shadow

of a golden eagle

flying high above

following me home

as if it were guiding me

into lost time





photo by Kat Livengood



that night before sleeping

i looked up into the stars

the sky looked so vast

so dark so empty

yet i could imagine somewhere

in the billions of galaxies

there might be a place

the lost child called Home





they came from the North

big oily


The next day

they came from the north

the dark birds saw them first

and the dark dawgs went to meet them

they carried a book

and the lost child was afraid

what did they want?

who were they?






new art



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