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april 26 2011

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a young Deer

by Kat Livengood



ive run deep into the woods

since the loud flash

the big noise

and the searing pain

panic has sent me running so fast

ive gone back in time

to a day when the leaves

were tender and young




Spring Deer

foto by Kat Livengood



trees flash past me

the ground races beneath me

blood pounds in my ears

my vision is blurred

i am hurt

i look up thru the branches

and the sky is red

the moon hangs low

like an yellow acorn

i am running in a sleepy dream




the Hunt

painting by kelly moore




i must get home

to the far hill over white oak ridge

where my people are

i stop and look back

is the noise still following me?

how much further is the hill?

where did the others go?





Photo by Kat Livengood


i pause

and lie down

under a pine tree

where the needles are soft & quiet

they will not find me here

i am tired

i become the forest

and drift off

dreaming of eating persimmons






Buck Crossing

photo by Kat Livengood


acorns, scrub oak, pine sap,

ripe persimmons, dead leaves, water

and the faint smell of smoke

scent the cool fall morning air

when i look up thru the trees

i can still faintly see the stars




Going West

painting by kelly moore


the salt lick in the field

is not far from here

people are strange

they feed me

and yet i am terrified of them

what do they want?



foto by Kat Livengood



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i doze off again in a warm moment

awakening to the sound

of dogs barking in the distance

far away but closing quickly

i float off

to a memory of the pond at dusk

cool water

no wind

and low light

a perfect moment





foto by Kat Livengood


shortly my strength will return

i will catch my breath

and get up from under the pine

and i will find my way home

over the ridge

to the far hill

where i will be safe

at home with my family



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