New art

april 26 2011

sign the guess book



Photo by Kat Livengood

hazy smoke filled morning
a square grey door appeared
in the television screen sky
i swear i didnt see that
i swear


Photo by Kat Livengood



sliced finger on broken glass
poured out the red juice
mine not the bottles
lost the feeling forever
like a tooth
that says goodbye to taste
after its pulled




Photo by Kat Livengood



blinking dark lightning
in the shape of a raven
open ups the sky
i see stars
behind it




Photo by Kat Livengood


the 29th version of me
flipped on the kitchen light
where he waited with a blue gun
yellow fire splashed me
rolling my head on the floor
spilling out

all of my thoughts

i forgive i forgive


Photo by Kat Livengood


i listen to the cricket
chirp its crzy song
unafraid of me

it lives in my kitchen all of its
week long life
one day 10 years in a mans life
no recorded cricket massacres
on record







new art



Photo by Kat Livengood


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