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ya im crzy

Kit Carson

Kit Carson



yeah he sure doesnt look

like a genecidal maniac

or a tough frontiersman

or even a legendary indian fighter

does he?

but then the mythic west

has a history of

stubborn surprising men

doing things that seem







as we drove back

the question of

why we would leave

navajo nation

to learn more about

this long dead white man

seemed odd

and seemed foreshadowd by

all sorts of roadkill along the highway

a dead horse several dead dogs dead deers

and finally

a big bloated dead cow



Indian Trader

oily multicrappia on bord



the Kit Carson story

appears to be a complicated one

he has been branded

a murderer

a hero

a mountain man legend

and possibly a fabrication

of an authors wild imagination

in several books

written during Carsons lifetime



heres what the wicki pediar says about him....


Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson (December 24, 1809 – May 23, 1868) was an American Frontiersman. Carson left home at an early age and became a trapper. He gained notoriety for his role as John Fremont's guide in the American West. Carson also played a minor role in California during the 1846-48 Mexican-American War, and later became a rancher in New Mexico. During the American Civil War, he helped organize the New Mexico volunteer infantry, and fought against Navajo natives, against his will, but by order of the U.S. Army. By 1864, about 8000 Navajo had surrendered to the U.S. Army, while another 8000 hid in the back country. Kit Carson finally went home to his family. After the Civil War, Carson moved to Colorado, where he died.



Oily multicrappia


but its prolly more complicated

than blaming him solely for genocide

of the Navajo

or any other native americans

he twice married Native American women

and lived more like an indian

than a white guy most of his life ...

i tend to blame white folks in general

but then agin

he was the "decider"


the Kit Carson home in Taos which is owned by the Masons



of his complicated legacy

Carson is sayd to have muttered

"I dont know if I did right or wrong but I did the best I could"




this holly wood foto still from

a movie about Kit Carson

(he actually stood about 5 ft 4 inches tall)

pretty much sums up

why things can get so confusing

about the west



on to taos looking for the scratcher lady




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