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april 26 2011

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Desert Road

photo by Kat Livengood


headed north

to the rockies

fleeing talking heads on fox news

the stock market, angry traffic and big heat

wanna climb as high as we can

somewhere into the clouds maybe even the stars

like a big horn sheep

headed for the dog star




Obit for Baby Doe

photo by Kat Livengood



hoped to find

the ghost of Baby Doe Tabor

whose husband found riches

in the silvers mines of  Leadville Colorado

and then in the blink of an eye

they lost it all






Baby Doe Tabors Shack at the Matchless Mine

photo by Kat Livengood



the world had changed

and the govt said our dollar is backed by gold

and silver market crashed

just like a stock market

built on fear and greed....

they found her frozen to death

on the floor of her cabin 40 years later

where she had been waiting

for riches to return

to the Matchless Mine







Up we climbed into the clouds

following a narrow dirt road

the lady on GPS said

turn left

turn right

re calculating re calculating

turn left in 100 yards

re calculating


we were off the puter grid

and the GPS was mute

we were lost






and so

all we had

was a Swanson Hawk to tale us where to go

i said "Mr Hawk where does this road lead?"

he said

"it takes you where ever you go"



Lost in the Clouds


and then rain fell

and the clouds dropped down

we were at the tree line

and then it ended

the road just ended

washed out sometime in the last

1000 years or maybe last week

does 4 wheel drive work

when you are backing

down a mountain?





the end of the road

photo by Kat Livengood





Kat said

"are there any bears or cougars up here?

Ya prolly

but you can either back us down the mountain

or get behind the truck and give me hand signals

til we get off this narrow road....

whats it gonna be?

eaten by a bear

or flip the truck over

and roll down the mountain?






story from the southwest

new oil painting



we sat and pondered the situation

far far far from all the so-called problems in the world

it was cold and rainy at 12000 feet

i think we both wished

we would see a wolf  or a bear

just so we

could lock the doors and feel safe






new art this month



when we got down the mountain

we stopped and had lunch

near an abandoned mine





Abandoned Mining Town

photo by Kat Livengood



i sat on a big rock whle eating

and noticed a metal box

partially buried beside the rock

inside i found

a letter dated from




A Letter to a Father

photo by Kat Livengood



a young man lamenting

a problem almost 50 years ago

that doesnt seem so bad now

and the problem of being lost on that mountain

didnt seems so bad now either

what is a problem anyway?





desert portrait

new art



turn off the TV

get off the web

put down your twitter

dont watch the stock market

dont talk about the economy

stay away from poisonous politics

and do what you love to do

because passion is power

in a world full of small ideas






Kat and Dawg Dance

photo by Kat Livengood


dance hard

dance long

trust me (if you dare)

when I say

u aint got as long

as you thingk

even if you live to be 103

decide today

to let er rip

like u aint no saint

nor got a dollar to your name

or anyone else to blame

cuz tomorrows coming

like a sneaky bullet

faster than you thingk



by kelly moore


















































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