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Cosmic Geronimo



foto curtesy of Wikipedia Commons



Geronimo was born

deep in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico

a land of rattlesnakes, bears & scorpions

in a place beyond city lights

where the skys darkness

was lit up with stars

that tould stories to people

while they danced around

the fires at night



The Gila Wilderness

foto by Kat Livengood



Just north of his ancient birthplace is the Very Large Array

where scientist have 27 Radio Telescopes

equipped from top to bottom

with the best modern technology

pointed at the stars 24/7

looking for a message from far off

in the cosmos




The Very Big Array

foto by Kat Livengood


The Very Large Array

sits upon an ancient lake

like metal boats dry docked in desert harbor

that stretches 55 miles one way

and one million years

the other





the Cosmos


when i saw

those cosmic listening devices

i wondered if they could hear


from some far off hunting grounds

galloping across the constellations

with his band of Apaches




Cosmic Telegraph

new painting 4-2014


what a strange thought

that maybe someday

when humans better understand time and space

we might receive a message from Geronimo

asking for directions

back home to his home

the Gila Wilderness














on to taos looking for the scratcher lady




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