route 66




snakes find my shed every summer

and usually its no big deal

but this one landed on my desk one morning

sounded like a

hiss and a thud when it hit




mostly they are looking for baby chicks

and a rabbit

or a mouse

but i think they also

like my left over tacos

and empty cans







this bull snake was about 5 foot long

and wound his way

up one of the poles in the shed

straight to the nest of the red finches




captured by the Fleas resident snake charmer




this one had hidden in a corner inside

behind the eye socket of a skull

mostly snakes wanna be left alone

but i doubt the birds agree with that





Mario picked this one up

he said he brought it home

and put it under his house to keep the

rodent population down



this one got away!






new and improved drawingsings







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