New art
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(some of the best)

of 2011


Red Bull

31 x 24 oily multicrappia


Eat Everything

about 24 x 32 multicrappia



multi crappia about 30 inches tall


the Full Catastrophe

64 x 40 big oily




33 inches tall multicrappia




Vampires Ticks and Spiders

16 x 20 multcrappia


High Desert Trickster

60 x 35 oily




Demons in my Head

oily painting inside kitchen drawre


21 x 12 oily multicrappia



BigFoot and WOrmholes

24 x 30 more less


La Calavera Catrina


Flea Market Rabbit

14 x 24 oily multicrappia


MC Squared

about 12 x 16 multicrappia



more 2012 art will be added for my march art newslettrrrrrr (JOIN HERE for fun!)












Dark Birds




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