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the Canyon Road Farolito Walk



Three Amigos by the Fire

fotos by Kat Livengood


One of Santa Fe's holiday traditions

is the annual Canyon Road Farolito Walk

which takes place on Christmas eve on Canyon Road

one of the most mythic

art walks in the West




Welcome to the End of the Alley

Photo by Kat Livengood


Small, sand-filled, paper bags illuminated with votive candles line the historic neighborhood streets and adobe walls. Carolers gather around the farolitos (Spanish for paper lantern; diminutive of farol, lantern; from faro, lighthouse, lantern; from Latin pharus, from Pharus, Pharos) or luminarias (small bonfires), and sing as they warm themselves, and our hearts, from the cold night.




thanks for coming to the end of the alley

foto by Kat Livengood


we are a long ways off Canyon Road

and so we dont see too many people

but on Christmas Eve people seem to

want to explore a bit more

and so we see a few people who like art

a few who like a good fire

and a few who just want to share

the festivities of Christmas eve




Inside Dark Bird Studio

foto by Kat Livengood


thanks for coming back to see us

where you will find

two artist doing/showing their work

in a very old adobe home

with a blazing fire inside

it sounds like what most folks

think Santa Fe is supposed to be

because it is








New Art
















navajos at canyon de chelly


















































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