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april 26 2011

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a Horse Story



Horse Medicine Wheel

photo by Kat Livengood


South Dakota

far from the crossroads

of New Mexico

what a breathe of fresh air

to be out in the middle

of no where

surrounded by Mustangs

running like freedom






photo by Kat Livengood


alot of folks ask

what does a Dark Bird

like myself do

when the flea market closes in the winter

the answer is simple

i spend alot of time

driving Kat around

looking for wild horses

not a bad job

if you can

get it




photo by Kat Livengood




lots of nothing

& perhaps

a touch of


what a strange departure

from our world of

constant connectivity

frequent likes

exciting shares

& instant messanging

of gawd only knows





Good Horse Sense

photo by Kat Livengood


when your outdoors

with animals like this

you know horses

make you healthy

and you can feel your mind

clearing of the modern fuzz

the wires starting to disolve

until after a few days

you feel like

its you again







Cheyenne Stampede

photo by Kat Livengood



These horses run

near the Cheyenne River

in the homeland of the Sioux

and to this day there are still

Sundance rituals

performed just up on the hill

behind those galloping mustangs

i like to think of this

sometimes when

i get stuck in traffic



Wild Horses

new painting by Kelly Moore


as a friend

once told me

when you walk up a mountain

eat a bit of it

so you can bring back

some of its wisdom

to the world

and hopefully

we can return

with a bit of the horse sense

from South Dakota

to keep us focused

on our path

to bring art to the world




new art



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