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the Truth

about Dark Birds

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Dark Bird Tawk

photos by Kat Livengood


dark birds have obsessed me
since day one
14 billion years ago
when i emerged from beneath
my shed flapping and cawing
born a primordial baby dark bird

my first paintings
were of dark oddly shaped birds
trying to fly
mostly just thrashing around
like a chick with fuzzy feathers
not yet ready to fly


the Dark Bird Palace

foto by Kat Livengood


my shed began to attract
the misfits, the outcast, the
misunderstood as well as
the truly visionary & sage of the world
which has given birth to
the Dark Bird Palace
a momentary sanctuary
to these kindred spirits



Monsoon Voyage

a clear truth emerged
from my shed over the years
it kept the right people in
and sent the wrong people out
scurrying away like
scared little field mice



Dark Bird

fotos by Kat Livegood


after doing thousands of paintings
like a dark bird zen exercise
i am beginning to see
beyond the symbol
of the dark bird
into the bird shaped hole
in the sky
a clearer view of the world from the cosmos
has emerged
and with it
an understanding
of what the Dark Bird is
pointing at


Road Trip


a full blown dark bird
has flown well past being
an outsider or a misfit
and no longer needs to be
part of a group or wear
a label or needs to be
i am
we are
our own person
born in the clean space
of the desert powerful beings in our truth
choosing our own path
living our own lives
often loving
places and people
others dont care for or understand
we are simply
dark birds


Monsoon Caldera

fotos by Kat Livegood








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