the Dark Bird Palace

(my painting Shed at the Flea Market)


December 2016





the Dark Bird Palace JUne 2016



new art

Dark Bird Palace June 2013



My paint palette one day this summer


(short cut to New Orleans)

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Inside of the Dark Bird Palace

all fotos with the generous permission of the tesuque flea market



its a palace of absurdity

why am i doing this?

why cant i stop doing this?




this is where it all started

foto by kat livengood


Shes been hanging there

from the beginning

and like alot of us

shes losing her hair and not quite as young

as she used to be





foto by kat livengood


we need more wilderness

we need more wildness

we are over civilized


suffering from a crisis

of a lack passion




foto by kat livengood


my daughter who never was

but always is

runs circles around my shed

in her little red dress

sometimes i chase her

but i havent caught her yet




foto by kat livengood



its real out here ... (and this is not a cliche)

folks at the flea meet customers face to face

theres no AC

no heating or cooling

no bug spray  no pension plan

no health care

no guarantees you wont go broke

and no anonymity like a fone bank operater

explaining why this or that

corporation doesnt have a policy

to meet your complaint

its just hard working folks from all over the world

trying to make a living at an outdoor flea market

on the tesuque reservation




the Ceiling of the Shed

foto by kat livengood


i never ever throw away anything

i use everything

nothing gets wasted in flea market culture

hence my symbolic painting

"Eat Everything"




Eat Everything


Last week we had

a mariachi band play music

at lunchtime




foto by kat livengood october 2010


come out and see me

friday thru sunday


i will be there

doing what i love

painting at the flea market






Painting august 2012

foto by kat livengood




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Dark Bird Palace Back Side


a few new drawings



deer MOMA



Lost Child sits on the Dark Bird Palace




Lookn up the side of the Dark Bird Palace


Red FInch of TEsuque Flea Market