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Desert Cosmos


new mexico fire

photo by Kat Livengood



ash drifted from the sky

settling on my shed

a christmas scene from pompeii

the star had exploded

foot traffic turned and ran away

i kept painting under the blaze

as it raged near the caldera

an exodus of varmits

coming my way




desert cosmos



get ready we are leaving

where are we going?

i dont know just be ready in 15....

what should i bring?

two humming bird feathers

a movie stub

last nites dream

and the turtle fetish from sky city

how about money?

nope they dont take any there






foto by Hubbel Telescope





driving thru smoke ash and debris

the star had exploded 10 billion light years ago

we circled the sun

and catapulted by gravitational sling

clear past saturn and its beautiful rings

ending up just north of Chinle

close enough to see

a red giant

stopped for a bite

damn good navajo tacos






this is what im made of

oil on canvas 2011




i love to drive a truck

and im gona drive it

straight to hell!

we passed PeterBilt on I-40

come with us i said come this way

no no no

im heading for flag then back to amarillo

he charged thru a wall of fire

all 18 wheels smoking

a simmering comet disappearing

into a smoky wormhole

or maybe he was a ghost trucker

eternally racing up and down the interstate

unable to wake from his dream





Arches Portal

photo by Kat Livengood



she walked like a beautiful ghost

thru an aurora borealis

that had settled upon the moon rock

i swear it was amazing to see

an instant frozen in time

that lives on in another dimension

another time

my words of awe


off canyon walls

and looping thru a portal to outer space

moving at the speed of light

finally entering the ears of buddha, jesus, mohammed, shiva,

100 million light years away

the word


boomeranging back to me thru the cosmos

the dark bird at my side

said Caw





a Billion Stars

hubbel Telescope



yes i am from outer space

born from deep within a star

and so are you

and you

and you

and everything you see

around you as well

the carbon in my nose

the calcium in my bones

the oxygen that i breath

i ran like a coyote thru the desert last nite

i painted in paris in 1921

and in the future i will be

a desert astronaut sailing a spaceboat

up the chinle wash



desert astronaut

oil on board




and now

the bills are due

the strawberries will only keep so long

and im sure the red finches in my shed

will miss me

so up the road we go

another night drive home


whats that on the horizon?

a holograph ?

a ghost?

i wake from a dream

within a dream

within a dream

i touch her hand

and im sure

its real





photo by Kat Livengood











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