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april 26 2011

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I am for


Photo by Kat Livengood


the sound of coffee perking in the morning

the smell of smoke in autumn air

the meandering line

anyone who shows up everyday to do something they love

kind people

the open road with Kat

rock n roll when i paint

my mom and dad for unlimited patience

telling people "yes they can"


animal cosmos


the Kats "meow"

people that understand art is hard work and not playtime

the beauty of melancholia

the sound of red finches on my shed

the sound of dark birds learning to talk

never ever ever ever ever ever ever giving up

traveling to far off places

people who understand that being practical is not buying an appliance
that wears out in 10 years but a painting that inspires you for a lifetime

saving all the varmits we can




Photo by Kat Livengood


anyone who doesnt belong

anyone looking for a place to be

people who make big sacrifices and dont talk about it

eating sardines in the desert with Kat

artist who bring their art to the world by any means necessary

making art from scraps of things our world discards

for MOMA having a flea market artist


three volcanos

big oily on canvas


people with that "look" in their eyes

artist who dont tell me how wild and crazy they are

people who know my heart and forgive my mouth

good luck and a price paid

picking up bones in the desert

the smell of sage in the truck

fewer parking lots



Photo by Kat Livengood


not running out of gas again

people who still read books

wise instead of smart

curious minds

paintings that take 20 years and are done in 30 minutes

anyone who feels at home at the flea market

pushing art beyond the frame

the sound of a coyote howling far off at 2 am



Photo by Kat Livengood


never ever ever ever ever ever ever giving up (did i already say that?)

anyone who cant dance

the smell of old books

the sound of a skunk stamping its front paws before the dropping the bomb

people that listen

the first moment at the shed when i pull back the tarps at the shed

whiskey in Jackson Hole


Photo by Kat Livengood


and finally

i am for dancing in the rain


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new art



Snakes at my shed


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